'The Company have been producing work for five years now, and it shows in the effortless flow of last night's performance.' (Remote Goat)

'Kate McGregor's production has eye-popping appeal' (Time Out)

'Contemporary and important' (Remote Goat)

'Exquisite choreography' (London Fringe) 

'The entire ensemble gave energetic and concise performances' (Remote Goat)

'A dark and twisted theatrical delight'(Remote Goat)

'A modern, dark and certainly adult twist on the Little Red Riding Hood Fable.' (The Stage)

'The Universal Citizens theatre company have devised a smashing show, with witty dialogue, puppetry, visual treats and a big theatrical experience on London's fringe; not an easy thing to do and I, for one, am glad they did it.' (Remote Goat)