Our Current project challenges the very ground it is performed on. 'Where's my bag' is a pulsating roller coaster of a piece of work. It's fun, unexpected and dynamic!

It follows a group of travellers that embark on a mad adventure but unfortunately they lose their bags in the process. Oh no! What will happen next? Will they survive the perils that stand in their way and more importantly will they find their bags? With tidal waves, romance, fruit stalls and a penchant for singing, will these intrepid travellers make it back alive?

Click below and follow them on their adventure!


First performed in Tunisia 8 years ago it was commissioned to communicate to an audience of a mostly non english speaking audience. The show had to relate beyond language and deliver theatre which could be understood by all, regardless of where you came from on this planet. Because we fire up the elements of physicality and absurdness in our work we achieve a universal form of art, one which everyone can understand.

We now bring it back to life in the form of a short film, this way everyone can enjoy it, all the time! We promise you never would have seen a project like this!